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Australian Visa Status
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Australian ETA Visa
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Australia Visa | ETA Visa

Travelling with your Family ?

All family members must have a visa or ETA to travel to Australia. This includes babies, children and the elderly.

ALSO: Even if your children travel on your passport they will need ETA Visas. When you apply, you would use your passport number and you will need to enter their passport details exactly as for your own passport (except the passport number), replacing the name, date of birth, sex and country of birth with your children's details as they appear in your passport.

Please note that this listing children on your passport number when they have their own passport(s) is mindless and may cause problems. It is best to use their own passports when applying.

Australian ETA Visa

The ETA Visa or eVisa is electronically attached to your passport and allows you to enter Australia.

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authority and this means that there is NO stamp in your passport when approved.

Each e visa is valid for 12 months from date of issue and allows you to stay in Australia for Up To 3 months per visit. Multiple entries permitted on each eta visa allowing you to visit other countries within the 12 month and return.

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